Paddling on the River since 1996


Terms & Conditions


What does that mean?

Participation in a recreational sporting activity always involves some degree of risk that you assume under the law. These are “inherent” risks. Co-participants in the sporting activity, including participants, coaches and facility owners or operators, owe you no duty to protect you from the “inherent” risks in the sport, even if they were negligent.


To participate in our water-based activities, you must meet the following prerequisites:

  • All trips are adults only. Participants must be 18 years old and over;
  • Be able to swim more than 25 meters unaided;
  • Have given us a fully completed and signed Client Detail form;
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol, or any banned substances;
  • You must turn up 10 minutes in advance of your booking. If you are late we are unable to wait for you.

In addition you must agree to the following conditions:

  • Wear your buoyancy aid at all times on and near the water;
  • Listen to the directions of your guide all times;
  • Stay with your group;
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions and closed toe footwear with a good grip, such as training shoes. Sandals/ flip flops are completely not suitable


Bookings & Payment

Please note that all group bookings, trips and courses must be paid for in advance. Once we have confirmed your booking with you for your chosen activity you must attend on the agreed date unless you give us at least 72 hours notice to cancel your booking. If you give us sufficient notice, your payment will be refunded.

If you cancel your booking within 72 hours of your agreed session, you will still be liable for paying the full charges of your chosen activity.

We reserve the right to cancel your trip for booking within 72 hours for reasons of safety / inclement weather / water quality.

We look forward to meeting you, and hope you enjoy your sessions here with us!



All our trips are staffed by professional kayak guides who have a minimum of five years experience working on the Tidal Thames. We use stable double kayaks with enclosed cockpits and equipped with rudders. This design of kayak has been extensively tested on the Thames and all our kayaks are also licenced by the The Port of London. The river is a busy environment with associated river traffic and strong tidal flow; our guides will keep you out of harms way so you can enjoy the river and it’s stunning surroundings.




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